About LeNell

Tonya LeNell Smothers

I gave up paper-pushin' as a university administrator to pursue my dream of working in the booze business fulltime in 2000. After working as a bartender and front of the house restaurant manager, I put my big ole house up for sale, sold my car, loaded up a moving truck and headed to New York City. After working retail in Manhattan, then trying my hand at beatin' the streets as a wholesale salesperson, I decided it was really time to make my dream of my own business a reality.

I opened LeNell's Ltd in 2003. The store won much acclaim as one of the greatest liquor stores around. Unfortunately, like many small businesses in NYC, a new landlord refused to renew the lease. After looking for the right business home in NYC for over two years, I decided to give up the real estate madness of NYC. The dream of finding the right space never died.

My husband and I made our home in Mexico from 2009 until 2011 when we visited my home of Alabama, and decided to stay. We purchased the property that will house a new and improved store, we married on a carousel in Chattanooga, TN, and we birthed a dear daughter named Damiana Charbay.

I continue to write, educate, and mix drinks. Stay posted for our upcoming children's book called Mommy and Daddy Are Bartenders.